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  • Materials Master Data Preparation and Enrichment -It is a backbone of system. Qualitative master data improve efficiency and health of system. We are capable to produce world-class catalogues for customers with our extensive experience. Catalogues preparation based on the old style of Line based as well as the current trend of Noun modifier format. Single solution never fits for all strategy hence thorough study is made of the existing or proposed Materials Management System to understand the client needs. Based on this an optimum cataloguing solution is developed
  1. Data Cleansing: We detect, remove and/or correct data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant or incomplete. This ensures that there is data integrity, leading to optimum performance of the system.
  2. Data Enrichment: We add value to data to make it highly structured. We structure the source data with reference from the manufacturer's catalogue or through other resources.
  3. Structured Cataloguing, whereby classification of material data is carried out based on the noun and modifier system of cataloguing and data is structured according to standard attributes. 
  4. Standardization of data is executed by applying standard values and information with reference to international standards for generic/standard items
  5. We also help in Cross referencing of items i.e. identifying equivalent item from a different manufacturer, identification of a similar item with almost the same specifications from a different manufacturer.


  • Material Coding -We developed Logical and Auto coding to classify products and services. We follow international systems such as MESC (Material and Equipment Standards and Code), UNSPSC (The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) etc. 

Our role does not end with the preparation of a structured material coding system. We also provide support services for remote online material catalogue maintenance, updating etc. In other words, we take complete responsibility of your cataloguing needs thereby freeing your valuable manpower for more important activities.


  • Trading of Surplus and Nonmoving Inventory 
  • Services for VMI and Localization of spares
  • Outsourcing of Indirect Material procurement
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