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1. You get these product at a discount of 50 - 60%.
2. You can get a replacement for local brands with renowned brands at same cost or at even cheaper rate.
3. You can save your overall product transportation time.
1.Open the SparesFusion Web Page.
2. Click on My Account on the top right side and choose Create Account from the dropbox.
3. Fill in the details correctly and then click on Continue.
4. If you are not the first user for the company on the portal, the list of approvers who would authorise your access on the portal, will be displayed on the form.
5. You will have to select your approver and an email will be sent to the approver requesting his action.
6. If you are the first user of the company on the portal then you will receive an email for setting your password. You will be considered as Admin and by default considered as a buyer and approver.
7. After you have set your password you will be directed to login page.
8. For second buyer, we will have approval from first buyer/ approver. Approval process would be offline (through mail).
9. Your registration process is complete. You can now login to our website.
1. You will create a Buyer account on Sparesfusion website.
2. You choose a product and the quantity for buying. The + and - signs are for increasing or decreasing the quantity of the product for ordering. You add the product to your cart.
3. After the adding the product/s to your cart, you can view and modify your cart by clicking on Cart Button.
4. Then you can submit your inquiry by clicking on Proceed to Inquiry option at the bottom of your cart details.
5. After we receive the Purchase Advice, a Sales Order will be generated and sent to the Seller along with your billing details.
6. If you request the shipping method as Self-Pickup, then we will inform you when the product is ready and you can pick it up.
7. If you request the shipping method as Express or Standard Delivery,
a. Either the Seller will take care of the delivery of the product or Sparesfusion will generate the Transport Order by selecting a particular vendor.
b. If any other services like inspection/certification is requested, you will raise a Service Order to SparesFusion.
8. After the product is delivered, you will update the receipt on the website and the sale will be closed.
A discount code is a coupon code feature using which you can avail discounts on your purchase. Discount codes can be applied while processing payment. Discount codes are generally time bound. Please check the validity of the code before applying it.
If the product is delivered by Sparesfusion, it often takes 5-7 business days to get the product delivered at your door steps. Business days exclude public holidays and Sundays.
Estimated delivery time is also dependent on the following factors:
The Seller offering the product.
Product's availability with the Seller.
The destination to which you want the order shipped to and geographical location of the Seller.
You will receive an email and SMS upon order confirmation. You can also check the status of your order in My account.
Please contact SparesFusion to raise a replacement request in case of damaged products. You can also request for a refund.
You can search products from browse categories or If you know the details such as part no. & make you can type in the search engine. If the product is available its detail will be shown. You can also contact our customer care for any difficulty.
As of now does not offer any return policy.
1. You can raise an inquiry before ordering any product.
2. You can view your order and shipping status.
3. You can track your order history.
4. You can checkout faster.
No. There are no registration charges on creating an account.
Your username will always be your email id which you have provided during the registration. You can change your details from My Account > Account Dashboard > Edit.
If the Purchase Advice is not sent by you within 7 days of the confirmation mail by us, the order will be canceled.
No we do not provide any return confirmation of your order. We only provide you the receipt of your payment through which you can confirm your order.
To put an item in your cart select the Add to Cart option below to the product you would like. If you want to change the quantities you can do so from the product information page, or directly through the shopping cart page. You can remove an item from your cart by clicking on the bin icon beside the image of the product in your shopping cart.
You have to sign in to your account everytime you open website.
Yes, it is necessary for the Buyer to have an buyer account and for the seller to have an seller account.
You can cancel your order only if your item is not delivered. For cancellation you should contact our customer care directly.
You can change the quantity of the item by increasing or decreasing the quantity in the shopping cart.
To clear your cart, remove all the items present in your cart.
After you add items to your shopping cart, the cart gets automatically saved by our system.
No, you can't change your order once it has been submitted. In such cases you can contact our customer support for assistance.
All the details of product are available on You can directly visit the page for any technical information or pricing.
There is no option for repetitive buys on our website. The buyer has to send an inquiry each time.
Please feel free to contact our cutomer support in case of any queries.
If the website crashes, what happens to your order depends on the stage your order is in. If you have already placed an inquiry or an order, your inquiry or order will be saved and you can view them once the website starts working again.
SparesFusion is a platform for thousands of small to large manufacturers, to buy & sell engineering materials online. It provides technology & services that enable selection, ordering, customer support & fulfillment - all as an integrated experience. It enable seller sharing of the spares as per their convenience and creating value out of idle inventory with increased velocity.
The item we sell are idle inventory which are new & unused in the industry.
Yes. If your product is not listed in our database please contact our sales engineer and we will respond directly to you with a recommended product.
May be that product is not available for selling or u can browse by a category, select a product category from the drop-down menu next to search to find your product or contact us.
You can search for items by entering a few words related to product into the search box, and we will show you all the matching results related to that product.
As of now, doesn't deliver product internationally. You will be able to make your purchases on our website from anywhere in the world with credit/debit cards issued in India but please make sure the delivery address is in India.
No, the products in your cart will not expire once it's there. It will remain in your cart until you proceed to inquiry or remove it.
As of now, there is no provision of getting your products replaced.
You can access complete specification of product which requires you for selection of product and for additional information you can contact us.
You can search for items by entering a few words into the search box, and we will show you all the matching results related to that product or you can browse by a category, select a product category from the drop-down menu Browse Categories next to search to find your product or contact us. only allows certain information to be shared with buyer as per policy and terms and condition.
Every care has been taken to provide all the information about a product on the website. If you still have any trouble regarding the information, contact us at Sparesfusion.
Yes. Unfortunately, products listed as 'Out of Stock' are not available for sale. You can send enquiry of that product and when it will be available with us we will inform you.
Yes, we have catalogue. Please contact our sales engineer for more information.
Yes, depending upon the age of the product and requirement of product we offer discount.
After the purchase is done, you can give a review about your purchase on the website.
Any company selling genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling, you need to have the following:
1. Business PAN Card.
2. TIN (Tax Identification Number).
3. CIN (Company Identification Number).
4. Bank Account and supporting KYC documents.
5. Minimum of 1 product to sell.
You will decide the price of the product that is to be sold by you.
No, we do not provide packaging material.
1. Go to SparesFusion Web Page
2. Click on the Sell On Sparesfusion option at the top of the page.
3. Click on Register Now and fill in your details and click on Register.
No, you will not get charged for listing the products you are selling on SparesFusion.
Register yourself as a seller on the Sparesfusion website. After you have registered, Sparesfusion will contact you for further details.
No, there are no registration charges on creating an account.
The delivery of the products will be either taken care of by buyer or by SparesFusion.
You can start selling by listing minimum one item.
Commision fee is charged by Sparesfusion on the service provided to the buyer besides the product, like inspection or certification, etc. The commission fee charged is 8% of the transportation value.
When your product is being shipped by us, you can raise a claim in case of damaged or lost product. We will provide compensation as per the scenario and conditions.
You can raise a claim at Sparesfusion and if the buyer is at fault, you will receive due compensation.
By clicking on the product, the details along with the number of the product available in stock will be displayed.
Once the payment is done and order is confirmed the delivery process starts.
There are following two options available for delivery.
Shipping from Sparesfusion-If you want Sparesfusion to arrange shipping for you, Sparesfusion will charge shipping charges and deliver the product to your facility.
Self-pickup-When buyer is informed about availability of product he wants to purchase, location of the product will be shared with the buyer. Buyer can then make his own transportation arrangement according to his convenience.
If you are arranging your own transport, we will send you a Request for Pickup once product is ready for transport. You can collect your item on/before the date mentioned in the Request for Pickup.
Please check your order status in ‘Order Tracking'. If you require further information, please call our Customer Care Centre.
We take utmost care to ensure customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, If Item is physically damaged/defective; Varies from the description; Please contact our customer care service and raise a replacement request. You will also have the option to choose refund for the product.
The Courier service will usually contact you before delivery. In case you do not receive your product please get in touch with us.
We deliver on all days excepting public holidays. Also if you choose to not receive the delivery on some days, we will not deliver on those days.
You can opt for express delivery as your shipping option for faster delivery.
Only in very rare occasions delivery is delayed. Sparesfusion will immediately contact the client and we will do our best to have your package delivered as soon as possible.
Sparesfusion provides option for buyer to arrange his own transportation. When product is ready to be shipped, buyer will get the information about location of product. In case buyer cannot pick up the product sparesfusion can arrange the transportation.
Additional transit time may apply to items that are large or bulky. We do our best to accurately estimate your delivery, but some larger items may take longer.
Delivery time estimates are based on product availability. Shipping from Sparesfusion- If Sparesfusion is shipping the products to your facility will be provided a delivery date. E.g. Expected to arrive on Monday, October 25th.
You can choose either self pick up or standard delivery as the shipping option. In case of self pick up, you will be informed when to pick up the product, and in case of standard delivery, product will be delivered to you by SparesFusion.
Delivery time is based on product availability, Buyer Location and many other things. In such cases u can contact us regarding this and if possible u can get delivered your product on same day.
You have probably noticed varying estimated delivery times for sellers of the product you are interested in. Delivery times are influenced by product availability, geographic location of the Seller, your shipping destination and the courier partner's time-to-deliver in your location.
We deliver products all over India. If you face any problems regarding service in your area still, you can contact us at Sparesfusion.
If you have already placed an order with us, please contact us regarding this.
Express delivery will be faster compared to the standard delivery option.
We try our best to deliver your products within the delivery timeline mentioned, if the delivery is done by us. In case of delivery by other means, it depends on the seller.
In case of return or refund you can directly contact our customer support. Our customer support executive will guide you through necessary steps.
Shipping and delivery charges are applicable according to the mode of delivery chosen by you. Self pick up charge will be less than standard delivery.
You can change your details from My Account for future transactions. You can change details such as Name of contact person, Contact Number, Billing Address, Shipping Address etc. The changes will be reflected as soon as you save your details.
There is no hidden cost associated with any of the product. The value given on price table for product is final, but this does not include cost incurred for shipping or any other services raised by customer. The final amount to be paid by customer will be displayed in proforma once you successfully submit your inquiry.
No, the website prices are exclusive of transportation and packing charges. Those will be displayed in the proforma.
If you have raised any other services like Inspection/Certifiaction, same will be reflected in your service order.
SparesFusion offers fully tax compliant transaction. You can view taxes applied to product while placing an order and same will be displayed in your shopping cart. The break-up of other taxes will be displayed in the proforma.
No, there are no hidden charges. The break up of all the charges are given in detail in the shopping cart. The break up of total charges including transportation and packing charges will be given in the proforma.
The delivery charges are dependent on the mode of delivery you select. The self-pick up will be charged less than the standard delivery.
The price in the shopping cart is exclusive of the transportation and packing charges. The actual amount payable will be inclusive of transportation, packaging charges and other services such as inspection requested by you.
You can view your order status by going to My Account and clicking on My Orders.
The inquiry Id is an unique Id given to the customer for the inquiry raised. It is created when the customer raises an inquiry for a product.
Yes, in some cases SparesFusion might accept orders raised by customer offline including orders placed via email or phone. But It is good to place an order through for easier check-out. You can contact our customer support for further clarification.
You can provide a shipping adress by going to My Account > Address Book. Then clicking on either Change Billing Address or Change Shipping Address. You can also add new address button by clicking on Add New Address button.
During Checkout when you click on Proceed to Inquiry option in your cart, you will be directed to Inquiry Summary page. Here you can change your shipping or billing address by selecting an option from drop-down list.
You can update your info by clicking on My Account option on the top of the page and choosing My Account from the dropbox.
1. Click on the Sign In option from the My Account dropdown.
2. Click on Forgot Your Password? below the Login option.
3. You will be directed to this page. Enter your e-mail Id and click on Submit. Your password reset link will be sent to your e-mail Id. Click on the link in your e-mail to reset your password.
No, you just have to log in each time you visit the website.
1. Go to My Account at the top of the page.
2. Click on the edit option in Account Dashboard.
3. Update your e-mail address and click on save option.
Go to Change Password in Account Dashboard in My Account to update and save your password.
As per the terms and conditions of SparesFusion, only certain informations are shared with the respective buyer or seller.
No, Sparesfusion take great care in handling customers personal details. The information taken from customers are used only to provide better user experience.
The supported browsers for are Internet Explorer 9 and better, Mozilla Firefox latest, Google Chrome latest, Apple Safari 5 and better.
If you forget your password, click on the Forgot Your Password? link while signing into your account. For other troubles while logging in, contact Sparesfusion customer care.
For buyer registration, the name, e-mail, company name, postal code, and mobile number of the buyer is required. For seller registration you need your name, e-mail, mobile number, Company name, CIN number, Company type, Industry, address of the company, country, state, postal code and city.
Sparesfusion does not provide any installation or maintenance service. For guidance related to product installation you have to contact product manufacturer or refer to other online guidance available over internet.
As of now Sparesfusion does not provide any exchange offer.
You can communicate with Sparesfusion by e-mail.
Saving your card details helps you to checkout faster the next time you shop.
No, Sparesfusion doesn't have a shop. It is an online trading site.
Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer. Cookies store small amount of informations specific to a particular client so that the website will respond quicker or may remember your choices the next time you visit.
We are constantly updating our page to provide you with the most up-to-date content. In case of any trouble still, you can contact us at Sparesfusion.
In case of any queries you can always contact our support team. We will help you in best possible manner.
Yes, we are happy to help you at any stage of the process. You can contact us regarding your queries on the development of catalogue.
You can search a product by entering any keyword related to the product name, part number, make, category, etc.
The inventory and location of the product along with all its details will be displayed once you click on a particular product in the following manner.
 +91 9130 046 701